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Welcome to Maranatha Christian School!  We aim to serve our patrons and students by providing a quality education from a distinctively Anabaptist perspective and by encouraging our students to grow in Christian character and commitment to Christ.  We consider it a privilege and honor to be called to serve in Christian education by ministering truth to your family.


We believe that true education involves much more than simply accumulating knowledge or being able to pass a test.  Truly educating a young person is teaching them to understand what God is doing in the world and to see how we fit into that larger context.  True education involves development of character and learning to see Christ in all we discover and achieve.


School plays an essential role in preparing the next generation to understand the times so that they will know what they ought to do (1 Chronicles 12:32).  We are doing so much more than producing well-informed citizens; we are participating with God in molding our students into the likeness of Christ.  “For we are labourers together with God” building on the “foundation … that is laid, which is Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 3:9a, 11).

Our Core Values 

We believe it is God's will that children be taught the content and practical applications of His Word in every aspect of learning and every activity of life (Deut. 6:4-9).  Maranatha Christian School has been established because we firmly believe that a Christian school will assist parents in carrying out their child-training responsibilities in a God-pleasing manner.

Our Future

Graduates from Maranatha have attended colleges, technical schools, and Bible schools throughout North America.  Alumni have served the Lord by pursuing Christian education, missions, nurses training, medical technology, and various other fields.


The word Maranatha means "The King is coming", and it remains the goal of Maranatha Christian School to prepare students for the event of Christ's soon return.

Our History

In the fall of 1972, Maranatha Mennonite Christian School, a patron-supported educational program, opened its doors with three teachers and thirty-nine students in a 60' x 60' classroom building.


Since its beginning, the school has been dedicated to providing quality education from an Anabaptist perspective.  In addition to its core curriculum, Maranatha encourages young men and women to grow in Christian character and commitment to Christ.  An education focusing on God's perspective will give students a firm foundation from which to evaluate the present and meet the challenges of the future.


Maranatha Christian School is located in a beautiful setting overlooking Paradise Valley near Turbotville, Pennsylvania, in Northumberland County.  Many dedicated individuals have faithfully invested their time and talents to give balance and variety to the educational program at Maranatha.

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